It all started with a determined young woman who decided to forge

her own path…

As Peggy Virgilio was growing up, she always looked forward to visiting her Grandma Pollice and hearing tales of the grand road trip her grandmother took in her youth. Grandma Pollice would regale Peggy with short stories from that trip and always kept her coming back for more.

In 1972, Peggy married her sweetheart Joe Virgilio, and she planned a 4-week road trip in California for their honeymoon. She was inspired by her grandmother's road trip tales and got her first taste of travel planning. She was hooked. She would go on to continue making travel arrangements as an executive secretary and as an independent contractor at a travel agency.

Peggy was so naturally gifted at connecting with people and creating fantastic vacations for them, that she decided it was time to open up her own agency. So, in 1984, Travel Center Inc. was born and opened its doors in Niles, IL. In 1986, she moved the agency to Buffalo Grove, IL so she could be closer to home and her young children.

The agency took off and became a thriving business. Everyone wanted to work with Peggy on their vacation. So much so, that in 1987, she hired her husband Joe as support staff. He took care of accounting, marketing, etc. so she could spend more time with her clients.

Sadly in 2003, Peggy became ill and was no longer able to work. Even through her illness, Peggy continued to exhibit the same determination and strength she always had.  

After Peggy’s passing, Joe took over running the agency as a way to continue her legacy. By doing so, Peggy’s story continues today. It is carried on by a team who shares the same values of kindness, a desire to help people, and a love of travel. Peggy wanted to give people the experiences she had when she traveled. The center of her business was always about the people and that still remains true.  

Today, Joe loves to travel as often as he can. His favorite thing to do is to sit in a new place, sip on a latte or a glass of wine, and watch the people that surround him. He’s come to realize that no matter where you travel to, everyone is connected by the same desires and dreams they have for their family and loved ones. For him, that’s the true beauty of travel. It’s not the buildings or monuments, but rather the fact that we are all connected in the same way.